Wednesday 13th January

Storm has begun here with not blizzard conditions but kinda close. Around 15 cms of new snow in the valley this morning which fell overnight, all that came down yesterday was dandruff compared. Goryu are also reporting around 15 cms on top. Temperatures have come down and look set to continue to drop through tomorrow down to nearly -10 in the valley.

Aside from snow obscuring visibility out there today the main concern at this stage is wind with Norikura getting strong NW gusts that could throw some spanners in some lift’s/gondola’s moving parts; also cold wind chill that way with -19 degrees measured at 8:00 AM this morning at 2500m.

Happo is copping it also, not quite as extreme but -16 degrees at 2000m and Moderate SE winds. -5 degrees right now in Wadano so you can imagine it’ll be cold up there in the wind, wear extra layers and get your backpacks out with extra glove inners and a spare pair of goggles kids.

Weather conditions: Snowing
New snowfall: 15 cm
Snow depth: 195 cm (Goryu base) 330 cm (Goryu top)