Sun 7 Mar

Weather conditions: Overcast & Light Snow
New snowfall: 10 cm
Snow depth: 210 cm (Goryu base) 280 cm (Goryu top)
The predictions were right! For a long time now people thought that another snow fall in Hakuba might just be a myth. Not anymore, we woke to not just a couple of cm’s but a whole 10cm of fresh this morning.

The top of Goryu was a chilled -2 degrees which is not too bad, and it should warm up a bit throughout the day. However, the snow if forecast to continue all day as well and through to mid-week. A few days of low temperatures will keep the snow we receive nice and fresh, before it starts to warm up once again towards the end of the week. Lets hope we can get a fairly decent snowfall in the coming few days.

There is not a lot of wind in Hakuba with light Southerlies but visibility is not the best at altitude this morning.

Enjoy the new snow!