Sun 28 Feb

Weather conditions: Overcast with light snow fall
New snowfall: 0.5 cm
Snow depth: 220 cm (Goryu base) 290 cm (Goryu top)
Today we have a little something to smile about, as we had a light snowfall last night and early this morning. If nothing else it makes the place look beautiful once again!

Today on the slopes you can expect nice groomers with a couple of cm’s of fresh on top, it’s still reasonably warm so what is on top is quite heavy and will soon disappear. Also watch out for icy patches and hard chopped up, compacted snow to the sides of the runs. As the day warms up so of course will the snow, making it similar conditions to the previous few days.

Tonight we have a clear cold night, followed by another warm day tomorrow, which by the looks of it will sadly bring more rain with it. Mid-week will stay dry and sunny, so that would be the time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and slush!