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Summer Camps in Hakuba

Summer Camps in Japan with Evergreen

If you are interested in providing excellent experiential learning and life lasting memories for your child then you have found what you have been searching for. Evergreen Outdoor Center is a long-established, professional outdoor adventure company providing outdoor education programs for international schools, families and groups within Japan and from abroad.


With professional international guides, educators and camp leaders and a long history of providing outdoor camps for children you can rest assured that your son or daughter are being provided the very best camp experience in the safety of professionals. All campers regardless of age will have the chance to feel challenged in a fun learning environment in the beauty of Japanese Alps with native English camp Leaders.


9 Nights 10 days Residential and day camp

  • Ages (9-12)
  • Residential Camp: ¥245,000
  • Day Camp: ¥158,000
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4 NIghts 5 days Residential and day camp

  • Ages (7-12)
  • Residential Camp: ¥135,000
  • Day Camp: ¥79,000
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4 NIghts 5 days Residential and day camp

  • Ages (7-12)
  • Residential Camp: ¥135,000
  • Day Camp: ¥79,000
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9 Nights 10 days Residential

  • Ages (13-17)
  • Residential Camp: ¥245,000

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5 Days Day camp

  • Ages (7-14)
  • Day Camp: ¥79,000

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Earth Explorers

9 Nights, 10 Days

earth explorers camp icon

Our Earth Explorers camp is the ultimate 10 day camp for ages nine to twelve who love the outdoors and want to experience all of our summer activities! 

Earth Explorers Activities

Raft building, hiking, river rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, tree climbing, rock climbing, orienteering, camp fires, lake studies, quiz night and much more...

Earth Explorers Summer 2021

Session 1: 27th June - 6th July

Session 2: 8th July - 17th July

Session 3: 19th July - 28th July



Water Wizards

4 Nights, 5 Days

water wizards camp icon

Water Wizards are youth between the ages of seven to twelve, who have a keen interest in the natural world around, with a desire to discover along their very own adventurous journey. We at Evergreen feel it is essential for us to assist these young Wizards in their quest of discovery and have prepared programs that provide them the means to accomplish this in a safe and fun learning atmosphere.

Water Wizards Activities

Raft building, hiking, river rafting, canyoning, camping, camp fire, fishing, camp cooking, lake studies, quiz night, hydro power project and much more...

Water Wizards Summer 2021

session 1: 27th june - 1st july

session 2: 8th - 12th July

session 3: 19th - 23rd July

session 4: 17th - 21st August



Mountain Masters

4 Nights, 5 Days

mountain masters camp icon

This camp is for children aged seven to twelve who are intrigued by nature and excited by adventure. It is a great way for your child to learn about mountain and forest ecosystems while all the while having a great time mountain biking and hiking the local hills, climbing trees as well playing in crystal clear streams

Mountain Masters Activities

Tree climbing, shower climbing, orienteering, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, camp fires, lake studies, quiz night and much more…

Mountain Masters 2021

session 1: 2nd - 6th July

session 2: 13th - 17th July

session 3: 24th - 28th July



Japan Alps Adventure Leadership Program

9 Nights, 10 Days

japan alps summer camp in hakuba

Japan Alps Leadership Program is offered to campers aged thirteen to seventeen and is a stand alone leadership camp. Our 10 day Adventure Leadership program will be a mix of standard camp adventures and opportunities to step up and lead. The program is specifically designed to provide campers with a challenging and meaningful adventure camp that will empower participants and unlock their potential to become leaders.

Japan Alps Activities

Raft building, leadership training, environmental impact training, trip planning and preparation training, multi day hiking trip, multi day river rafting trip, canyoning, rock climbing, rope training,  orienteering, camping, camp fires, camp cooking, and much more...

Japan Alps Adventure Leadership Program 2021

Session 1: 27th June - 6th July

Session 2: 8th July - 17th July

Session 3: 19th July - 28th July



Obon Outdoor Camp

5 Days Daily Activities


Special camp created for the Obon holiday period and in a day camp format. Join us on an outdoor adventure as we take a trip to Aokiko to enjoy watersport activities, Mountain Biking in the beautiful Hakuba Valley and Hiking around the awe inspiring nature of Togakushi.

Obon Outdoor Activities

Raft building, Rafting, Canoe, SUP, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Ninja Museum, Tsugaike WOW

Obon Outdoor Camp 2021

9th - 13th August


  • Kids only, age 7-14
  • Limited to 20 people


    Daytime Activity Camps

    5 days Daily Activity

    Alongside this year’s camps, we are opening up Day Camps that will allow families that are residing in Hakuba or just visiting for a short while to drop off the kids to join the daytime activities of our exciting and educational camps in English with children of their own age. All of these activities are of course, run under the watchful eye of Evergreen Outdoor Center’s professional, caring staff.

    All Sessions Run As Part Of Above Camps

    Please refer to the above camps information for calendar details




    The Alps View Hotel.

    Our base for our adventures in Hakuba Valley

    Tsugaike accommodation at it’s best. The Alps View is a newly renovated hotel complex with a relaxed atmosphere, providing easy access to Hakuba Valley’s endless activities.

    Teapot / Cups / tea set, Hangers, Safe box, Free Wifi in the rooms, Central Heater, A/C, 100% cotton bedding, Private Bathroom, bath Towel, face towel, Shampoo, conditioner, gel, toothbrush, Hair Dryer

    Hotel Services

    24 hrs supervision, Laundry, Luggage storage, Safety deposit box, 24 hours security, Security Alarm, Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, Free WIFI in the hotel, Games room, Training / Conference Room, Alps Craft Cafe, Live music events (scheduled)

    Camp Food

    The Alps Craft Cafe

    Looking after our environment is paramount, and our food plays a huge part in this. Throughout our camps we provide our campers with nutritional, eco-sourced meals using local produce, including: vegetables, free range eggs, local Shinsyu chicken and locally grown organic goods. We avoid using additives, preservatives and MSG wherever possible.

    We endeavour to support the local economy and community by using local businesses and restaurants. We also prepare meals in our own kitchen to ensure our campers’ food is fresh with minimal carbon footprint as possible.

    Optional Transport

    Optional Transportation between Shinjuku and Hakuba

    To make transport between Hakuba and Tokyo easy, our team offers an optional pick up and drop off service at Shinjuku station, where your child and Evergreen Staff make the train journey together. We usually use the Limited Express Azusa train which goes directly between Shinjuku and Hakuba.

    Our office staff are also on hand to make the ticket purchase and provide you with all the transportation details.

    Our Commitment To The Environment

    • We try not to use air conditioning in our offices or in our vehicles while driving.
    • We plant trees to replace air conditioners and work to improve ventilation. 
    • We do not consume unnecessary electricity.
    • We use compost.
    • Recycling is a big part of our company culture.

    Our efforts may seem small, but small changes on a large scale can make huge changes on industry and on our environment. We share our ideology with our staff, and encourage them to be forward thinking towards their own environmental foot-print. We would like to think that our seasonal staff return to their home countries with a more open mind set and adjust their habits to protect our planet whenever possible.

    Your Camp Leaders


    Dave Enright

    EOC Founder & Adventure Leadership Program Director

    “Let’s discover your full potential while out exploring the spectacular wild spaces of Nagano.”


    Mariko Enright

    EOC Founder & Kids Camp Developer

    “I am always excited to create chances for self development for our campers!”


    Yoshiaki Tsuda

    Associate Professor at Sugadaira Research Station

    He holds a PhD in ecosystem studies from The University of Tokyo and has worked on the population genetics of forest trees species for ecosystem conservation. He is interested in not only conservation genetics and species history but also its application to forest-based culture, human impact on forests and timber craft, well, the guitar!


    Leanne Faulks

    Freshwater Biologist From Australia

    Did you know that freshwater makes up just a tiny fraction of the Earth's water but has an incredible amount of biodiversity. Let's explore this fascinating and important ecosystem together!


    Javier Calzada

    Earth Explorer Program Director

    “I've been connecting with nature since I was kid and now it has become my lifestyle”


    Johnny Rembelos

    Camp Guide

    “In every walk with nature one receives far more than they seek.” - John Muir

    Kinga Stus

    Camp Guide

    "Everything quiets down and the only thing going on is pure flow. It’s just wilderness and the movement. This is what I love."



    Evergreen Outdoor Center is proud to work with our longest running business partner Ski Japan Holidays for the smooth booking of accommodations and transportation for our Summer Camp Programs.

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    Operator: Ski Japan Holidays - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Registered Travel Agency Licence No. 2-481 Member of ANTA - All Nipon Travel Agents Association

    Outstanding! Amazing! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this trip, and this experience you have given us. The sports, the culture, the food, everything from day one to twelve has been amazing. It was a lot of fun, and you guys have been great. We will be coming back!MIKHAIL OZA
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