Staff Training July

7/10  Staff training

From July 4th for 4 days, our staff did canyoning training.  They learned how to tie knots and practice over and over until perfection.  They learned new rope system, and for the new staff they have a lot to remember.  The last day of training was actually going down the canyon.  But the training still goes on.  For you to be an official canyon guide, you need to pass the test given by the chief canyoning guide.

Canoe Paddle Talk given by Megu & Toby

7/15    Jaja & Hiro Wedding 

Wedding of Jaja & Hiro.  Félicitations! Thank you guys for working hard with Evergreen. Lifetime happiness for your both.


Hakuba literally means white horse.  One of our staff excitedly brought a white horse mask, for a perfect occasion like this one.


One of our popular things to do during break times for staff is slack line.  You can do different tricks, and our athletic staff are learning quickly.  Mitsu makes it down from one end to the other and celebrates with a banzai in the end!

Kuwagata beetle is a popular bug for children to keep as pets.  We found this one wandering around Aokiko.  Could it be a part of Toby’s lunch? I hope not.


7/15    NEW Camera 

We bought brand new shockproof and waterproof cameras for tour usage.  The purple Pentax WG-1 will not miss taking your smile during tours.

7/18  Office Staff to Aokiko!

An outing for the office staff to enjoy the weather at Aokiko.

Before riding the kayak, it needs to be cleaned!
Naomi wasn’t used to kayaking and kept spinning in circles.  All others left her.  Then finally she was rescued by captain Yuna and her crew of canoers.  
On our way back, we stopped by Lawson and found some limited edition chip star wasabi flavor!  Nagano Prefecture has a lot of wasabi farms, and you can visit them to see how they are produced on some farms.  Why not come out for some outdoor tours with Evergreen, go in a hot onsen, then visit some wasabi farms all in one trip! 
 Guide Ayako enjoys her new trick of jumping upside down on a beautiful afternoon at Aokiko.