Snow Report April 2nd.

The winds of yesterday have subsided and the skies have cleared for the lucky few who knew that the prank that the weather was playing on April fools would have them laughing with joy this morning. There is differing reports on snow depth across the valley as the winds deposited very differing amounts on the slopes. Mid mountain 1300m ~ 1500m saw the most accumulation and will be keeping cool on shaded slopes. Less wind in in the Norikura / Cortina area made for great turns yesterday but these lower slopes will be warming rapidly today. Higher Resort slopes have varying depths from 5 cm ~ 20cm of wind deposited fresh snow. Groomed runs are soft packed and comparable to mid season conditions once again. If you can get away for a day do so as the conditions are great and the weather spectacular.

All of the resorts will unfortunately be closing their bottom lifts after the week end but this is a big week end coming up for events and competitions on all of the big resorts.

Hakuba Goryu will be hosting the Annual ‘Tri-Modal Challenge’ this Saturday and Sunday, April 5th & 6th. An fun event for all modes of sliding; Ski, Board and Telemark cross course comp and party. Check out the Tri-Modal Challenge here

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Hakuba 47 will be hosting ‘Selection’ a freestyle comp for Skiers and boarders a like on the 5th and 6th.

Happo will host their annual JAL Supper Mogul Cup featuring Hakuba Local and Olympic medalist Uemura Aiko on April 6th.

Tsugaike Kogen will host their 3rd annual Ski Mountaineering Race this coming weekend for all those speed hiker, randene skier folk.

Enjoy the New snow and the great spring events while you can.


Backcountry travel advisory:

The recent spring squalls that have deposited up to 1 metre of new snow on leeward slopes is a very big concern and should not be taken lightly. Slopes will be sliding easily and may produce very big slides inside and outside of ski area boundaries. there have been some very close calls in off piste and backcountry areas of late and end of season powder enthusiasts should be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS as the new snow over riding March’s isothermal spring thaw is VERY UNSTABLE. As temperatures rise expect skier/boarder triggered and natural avalanches on any slope of 30 degrees or more. Lower angle slopes that are solar radiated and under tension may also slide. It is advisable to stay to ridges, lower angled simple slopes and densely spaced trees on shaded slopes for the safest descents. If you are unsure of the stability of the slope you are looking to ride, don’t risk it!

There are a lot of protruding rocks, gaping holes, big dirt patches that have been covered by the recent snow. Be especially careful on solar aspects and expect to see slides on them. Fluctuating temperatures have created crust and melt freeze conditions with fresh snow sitting on top that are not bonding well. Conditions are extremely varied and travel in the backcountry is not recommended today.

Avalanche Danger:

Below Tree Line: High

Tree Line: High

Alpine: High

See Below for International Danger scale classifications or click on the Canadian Avalanche Association web page for the International Danger Scale.

International Danger Scale


2 degrees C.


1 degree C.







BASE DEPTH: 80 cm (at the base); 270 cm (at 1500m)



GGoryu Toomi, Hakuba 47, Happo-One, Tsugaike Kogen, Iwatake, Cortina, Norikura, Sanosaka, Yanaba – presently all open with limited lift opperation. Bottom lifts and smaller hills will be closing after the week end.