Please note: We are only operating private tours during the 2024 Green Season 

Rafting Japan

Grade 2 Rafting on Hakuba's Princess River

Head out with local guides to go rafting on Hakuba Valley’s Himekawa (Princess River). A technical class 2 whitewater river with great views of the Hakuba mountain range. Both morning and afternoon tours are available and we welcome big groups to join in.

Please be aware that rafting in Japan gets more hard-core than this - after the spring snow-melt, this river can be quite tame. This tour is typically for families with children/first-time rafters, it is not recommended for thrill-seekers.

Evergreen Outdoor Center has been training on the Shinanogawa River for several seasons in order to offer a different rafting experience to our guests. If you have a large group get in touch and depending on availability we may be able to offer an alternative Private Tour.


The Himekawa River begins at the Himekawa Genryu, a natural spring in the south of Hakuba near Sanosaka. It is fed by numerous tributaries from the mountains, the largest of which being the Hirakawa and Matsukawa.

The water flows at a decent rate early in the season once the snow begins melting, but generally by late July - August, the water level is quite low.

Himekawa Half-Day Tour

Join us on our journey downstream the Himekawa.  This tour is perfect for families and first-timers looking to dip their toes into rafting. This introductory tour rewards your group with spectacular views of the Hakuba Mountain Range as you make your way through the valley.



The Shinanogawa is the longest and largest river in Japan. Known as the Chikuma River in Nagano, the name changes to the Shinano River as it enters Niigata. It rises from Mount Kobushi on the border of Saitama, Yamanashi and Nagano, and flows northwest to meet the Sai River from Matsumoto.

Full-Day Rafting Tour on Nagano's Shinanogawa

shinanogawa rafting

This is not a regularly scheduled tour. We have been training and running group tours on this river for several years, but we do not yet offer general tours on the Shinano. If you have a large group and are interested contact us and, availability depending, we may be able to offer a Private Tour.


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"Our private rafting tour with Evergreen was fun and well organized. Our kayaker Pat stayed in front of our boat to keep our journey safe, and he took lots of photos for us too. Our guide Johnny was awesome, and he let us stop at some fun spots for quick swims and waterfall exploring. I highly recommend that you check out Evergreen if you want to explore all the outdoor activities around Hakuba!!"
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