Our Mission

The mission of Evergreen Outdoor Center is to allow for the growth and development of the human spirit through personal interaction with the natural environment, personal challenge and teamwork, and through always accommodating individual needs while maintaining a high standard of safety.

The three main pillars that support every action that Evergreen Outdoor Center takes are:

  1. Ecological sustainability; in the programs that we provide for our guests and with in all administrative decisions.

  2. Outdoor experiential education; to increase awareness in our own very unique potential as well as the unique natural ecosystems that we visit and recreate with in.

  3. Cultural awareness and acceptance; of the communities that we work within and visit as well as the views and cultural robustness of our guests and employees.

Our Philosophy

Evergreen Outdoor Center is a long-established, professional outdoor adventure company situated in the Northern Azumino area of the Japanese Northern Alps that provides outdoor experiential education programs for international schools, corporations, families and individuals within Japan and from abroad. It is our hope and vision that, through the programs that we at Evergreen Outdoor Center provide, each guest will return home with a new found love and respect for the natural world and the unique mountain culture of Northern Azumino communities that they visit during our safe and expert guidance.

With programs that run year-round, we aim to incorporate a sense of respect and stewardship for our natural surroundings as well as the mountain communities that we visit along our journey, as they are not only a great place to discover, but are home to a vast array of life including ourselves.

We have been doing our part for the environment and the local community for 20 years and are still working towards greater conforms with the UN SDG’s and responsible business action to allow for sustainable tourism, healthy rural lifestyle choices for those in our community and ethical investment within the Nagano region.


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Action Initiatives for Environmental Issues

  • 2005-2007
    Clear Water protection Event with Guest speaker (FB posted)

  • April - July 2011
    Conducted volunteer activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake in Minamisanriku Ishinomaki. and Donation of agricultural tractor.(FB posted)
  • 2005 - Present
    Lake & River Clean-up

Program Creation

Cortina DBD
Tomamu Off-piste program
Tsugaike Tsugapow operations plan and strategy