Monday 4th January

The sun is out once more and today will be a great day to be on the slopes, as the snow over the past few days will make conditions just right. The temperature is staying low, which will help to keep the powder fresh, and there will be plenty to be found.

The New Year holiday has now finished, so the resorts will be quieter today until around the 8th of January when another holiday will start. Conditions on the runs will be a mixture of chopped and compacted powder, groomed and plenty of good powder to be found.

Visibility is good and the wind is light, all lifts are open and all resorts are running as normal.

The forecast is predicting the snow to start again tonight and then continue throughout the week, with the heaviest snowfall mid-week. Temperatures will stay low and drop slightly on Tuesday.

Avalanche Conditions:
Alpine: Extreme
Tree Line: High
Below Tree Line: High

The recent heavy snow fall and winds at all elevations have put rapid load on the already weak upper snowpack. Watch for large sluffs in steep and complex terrain. Take caution on wind loaded lee slopes and around cornices. The prevailing winds have been Moderate to Strong from the North West and have left South and East facing aspects loaded. This new storm snow is over riding the faceted sun crust of last week. Take care as wind slabs develop in cross loaded aspects (North and North East). Slab avalanches in the Alpine will come with great size and consequence.