June Summer in Hakuba

6/5   Invitation Tour

Local invidations for Canadian Canoe, Kayak, and Canoe Picnic.

The tour compromised of one-man kayak, 2-man kayak, and a 10 person voyager canoe.  Participants were as young as 2 years old.  With 15 kids, we crossed the lake in a voyager canoe, and had a picnic in the forest.

6/6   Invitation Tour: Canyoning

Local invitation tour for canyoning

The sport of canyoning originated in the Alps of France, using just your body to slide down the canyons.  It is almost expected in Europe to go on canyoning outings with your friends for summer.  For Evergreen Outdoor Center, we welcome our 6th year of canyoning in Hakuba.  This time in June we have plenty of water for a thrilling time!

We operate through International Commission of Canyoning and there are 5 companies in Japan with this qualification.  We stand true to the CIC’s mission of strict European training regiment to train our staff to be exceptional canyon guides.

Today, we had the pleasure of taking staff members of pensions Ho’ Oponopono and Grove Inn Skala out for a canyoning session.  You can check out their blog as well, although it is in Japanese.

6/7   Oomachi Kita Elementary School

The local children of Oomachi Kita Elementary School tried out some canoeing and kayaking at Aokiko.
Everybody was full of energy and paddled with a lot of effort.  Some children even managed to paddle better than adults.  Great behaved children, waiting quietly 10 minutes before our meeting time.  It made teaching a lot more pleasurable with well mannered children of Hakuba.
The children had an opportunity to play in nature, and hopefully captured in their hearts some great memories of playing outdoors.


6/8   Oomachi Nishi Elementary School

Another outing with a different group of children.  The sun was shining strongly and kids were enjoying their day out on the lake on canoes and kayaks.  Going through tunnels of leaves and forests, nobody flipped their boats.  Everyone paddled pretty fast, our staff was even surprised.


6/10  Invitation Tour: MTB

We lucked out on weather and gathered people with different riding experience.
Dave Enright from Canada, and Kona bikes from Canada, it was a Canadian take over of the mountain side for a day.  Thank you Yachan for your help as well.

Everyone arrived safely to the bottom, a little sweaty but in great health.

The participants were:Bosco, Kunugi, Ho’Oponopono,Grove Inn Skala.  Their blogs are in Japanese.


6/12  Voyager Canoe & BBQ

World Family came for a visit today.
We had a lot of children with their families enjoying the voyager canoe.  They were just learning English from Disney textbooks, and the children enjoyed practicing their English with our foreign staff.  Around noon, we started hearing a lot of children yell out “hungry.”  We kept our energies up for a fantastic BBQ to serve the hungry kids.

There was no wind, making the condition of the lake smooth, just like a mirror image.


6/14  Sustainable Living

We try out best to live by the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Inspired by the man from Osaka, Mitsu.  Instructions are unnecessary.  Just see pictures below.

Viva La Revolution!!!

6/18   Kamoshika Canyon One Day Course

Great day in the natural waters of the Northern Alps.  Fantastic fresh water for your enjoyment!

6/19  Strawberry

In the backyard of Evergreen, strawberries grow steadily.

6/22 The Yama (Mountain)



6/24  Deep Forest

In the next town over in Otani village, there is a lot of different plans to explore.  Some are edible, and often mountain locals gather their vegetables to put in their dinners.  Be careful what you pick and eat!

6/27,28  WAF (Wilderness First Aid) Advance Course

If something happens during a tour, all our staffs are trained in advanced wilderness First Aid. This is an intense 5 day course and trains occasions for mountain injury, accidents, and emergency situations for outdoors of all sorts.(Wilderness Alert Japan).  There are not that many tour companies in Japan that require their guides to be trained to this advance in level.

In the left photo is a mock training of a person with a broken neck. We have to think about how we can carefully bring the person down from the mountain without moving his neck too much.