January 26th, 2008

90 cm (at the base) 290 cm (at 1,500 m a.s.l.)
The clouds held back, looming over the Alps yesterday, and we had blue skies all day. Freezing temperatures (as in minus tens) and some strong gusts meant some hold-ups – 47 was closed from the Goryu side of the mountain from after lunch. Real cold up there in the wind it was but some nice powder was had. A few teasing flakes last night but no accumulation this morning.

Yesterday snow and a high of three was forecast and as at this morning we have blue skies and nice cold temperatures. Still some real nice powder to be found if you know where to look, get out there.

Update 3:00 pm:

The clouds came in, -3 in Wadano now with snow falling lightly. This should continue through the day possibly stopping sometime in the night.


Snow through today and tonight.



-6 degrees C.


-10 degrees C.


Light North-Westerlies with some gusts.


Great in the morning but decreasing in the afternoon due to snow & cloud.


Goryu Toomi, Hakuba 47 the Gondola, Happo-One, Tsugaike Kogen, Iwatake, Cortina, Sanosaka, Sun Alpina, open.


Backcountry Travel Advisory:

The storm snow of January 24th is settling and starting to form bonds with the large crystals from the January 23rd snowfall. Although the stability of the snow pack will continue to improve over the next few days, those nasty big wind slabs will be lingering from alpine to valley.

Be very cautious on large steep wind slab slopes in the alpine and the tree line. Cornices are big and should be avoided. Also be careful of solar radiation and temperatures increasing.

Avalanche Danger Scale:

Alpine: Considerable
Tree-line: Considerable
Below tree-line: Moderate

Avalanche Danger Scale:

Alpine: Extreme
Tree-line: Extreme
Below tree-line: Extreme

See Below for International Danger scale classifications or click on the Canadian Avalanche Association web page for the International Danger Scale.

International Danger Scale


Natural avalanches very unlikely. Human triggered avalanches unlikely.
Travel is generally safe. Normal caution advised.


Natural avalanches unlikely. Human triggered avalanches possible.
Use caution in steeper terrain on certain aspects.


Natural avalanches possible. Human triggered avalanches probable.
Be increasingly cautious in steeper terrain.


Natural and human triggered avalanches likely.
Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.


Widespread natural or human triggered avalanches certain.
Travel in avalanche terrain should be avoided and confined to low angle terrain, well away from avalanche path runouts.