Jan 7th 2011

Weather conditions: Sun, cloud
New snowfall: 5-10cm (Goryu); 5cm (village) [observed]
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 250cm
Earlier this morning Hakuba Goryu was reporting 5-10cm more fresh snow up there and most resorts in the valley are reporting about the same – the official numbers for Happo and Cortina have taken a big jump today but that is mostly because of the huge snowfall yesterday rather than today.

So a bit more snow this morning on top of the bumper snowfall yesterday meaning another layer on top of the deep snow that was already out there. So it has been almost perfect conditions out there once again today.

Down in the village today there has been a fair bit of blue skies on view and a fine but cold day.

On the mountains, it has been variable conditions in terms of weather – sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy with poor visibility as the clouds cover the top higher regions. Generally though a fine day and the lower areas of the mountains visible and the sun shining and doing it’s thing.

Of course, the snow conditions have been almost uniformly awesome. People out there have been enjoying a real treat – and the slopes have been pretty quiet too.

So, the forecast for the weekend. It looks like tomorrow the sun will be out and it will be a fine clear day. Can it get any better than that for the weekend? That will likely be followed by the snow clouds coming back on Sunday with perhaps some decent snowfall overnight into Monday, so that last day of the upcoming three day weekend should be a great day too.