Jan 5 2011

Weather conditions: Overcast with very light snow
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 205cm
Beautiful sunset to finish off yesterday and today started off sunny in the East with clouds brooding over the mountains. Snow has been on the forecast but hasn’t begun and we could all do with a fresh hit. Snow conditions in the backcountry are nice provided you are off sun affected slopes but there still has not been a lot of snow and so as well as the usual precautions re snowpack stability assessment be careful of rocks, bushes etc underfoot and also holes where areas have not filled in. Skifield runs are decent top to bottom though you can see brown parts poking through on lower runs.

Forecast is still for snow today with the most fall happening early in the AM. We are getting a light flutter at the moment but nothing to get excited about just yet.

Base depth has not really changed in the last few days and no new snow to report.