Jan 14th 2011

Weather conditions: Light snow
New snowfall: <5 cm
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 265cm
It is a bit of a mixed bag this morning in Hakuba with splashes of sunlight and at times the sky looking like it was going to break out blue, but the clouds seem to have won out and we’ve got light snowfall falling at the moment.

There was a very light dusting of snow overnight – light and fluffy but only a centimetre or two, so nothing really worth mentioning.

It is another cold morning with Goryu reporting -13 degrees, Happo reporting -11 degrees and the temperature at Usagidaira is currently around -7, and it is about -2 degrees at Village level.

There is just a fairly light wind this morning, variable direction.

The forecast is still for decent snowfall tomorrow – especially later on in the day and through the night – and while it is still set to snow on Sunday it should be less blizzard-like…. Sunday/Monday could be bumper once again!