Jan 10th 2011

Weather conditions: Semi clear. Sun is partially out and we can see the peaks at times.
New snowfall: 15 cm; few cm (village level)
Snow depth: Hakuba Goryu Top : 250cm
Cold cold air this morning in Hakuba. There is not much snow accumulation overnight as at 7:30 am this morning. It seems like there has just been a small amount of overnight snow – just enough to cover footprints outside of my doorstep. Even though there hasn’t been much of overnight fresh snow, thanks to the dumping of snow for pretty much all day yesterday, there should be tons of sweet stash of powder today.

Goryu is reporting 15cm of new snow this morning and a base of 250cm. Moreover, there are still some untouched fresh from last Thursday dump.

The slopes were crowded yesterday but by this afternoon things should have quietened down somewhat as we approach the end of the long weekend, and things should be back to normal from tomorrow.

The weather forecast says we should be having some more snow showers today with a low temperature of -13 degrees, though it looks like things may well clear up and we will see more blue skies and brighter conditions.

We might see some clearer conditions tomorrow morning but the snow showers probably won’t be far away until around Friday, when we have a clear day forecast at the moment.