Hakuba IwatakeHakuba Iwatake is situated across from the biggest and most dramatic mountains in the Japan Alps– the views are amazing and besides being a good place for beginning to intermediate ski and snowboarders, this mountain is a great place to take a snowshoe or cross-country ski. In addition to being a scenic mountain, there are a variety of great onsens and small restaurants nearby. Iwatake is a step away from feeling like a ski resort, and gives its visitors more of a rural and wild sense.

Besides being a relaxing and pretty place, many intermediate skiers are happy with the variety of runs that weave in and out trees and offer various terrain including bumps, a terrain park, and several steeper aspects for more advanced riders.

Iwatake Tourism Association
Iwatake, Kitashiro, Hakuba, Kitaazumi, Nagano
tel: +81-261-72-2780
fax: +81-261-72-4638
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