Hibiki’s Internship Blog – Day 23 (MTB Fun Ride Tour)

MTB Fun Ride Tour

Hi, my name is Hibiki and I’m doing an internship at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba.  I am presently a Mountain Bike Guide trainee,  and on one occasion I assisted with guiding guests, and I checked what the lead guide does during the MTB Fun Ride tour and helped the lead guide run this tour.

I’d like to introduce Evergreen’s MTB Fun Ride Tour and what looks like to participate in the tour. First of all, MTB stands for Mountain Bike, and mountain bikes are the bicycles built for riding in mountains and off road trails. They have wider tires and suspensions to ride on trails comfortably.  In Evergreen MTB Fun Ride Tour, you are going to ride on narrow roads and trails and go around the Hakuba  area.

The bicycles are included in the tour price, so we are going to give you a MTB that is perfect fit for you, and the lead guide is going to explain differences between MTBs and regular bicycles and how to ride a MTB safely and comfortably. The lead guide on this particular day, Naoto, explained how to ride a MTB and these differences to the guests before we went riding.

Naoto told them how to get on a MTB and get off a MTB at first. Then, he explained them how to use brakes, how to change gears, how to keep the balance on rough trails. As you we all practice riding skills before you we head out on the tour, you can still participate in our mountain bike tours even if you haven’t ridden a MTB before.

After the guests practiced these skills, we started riding out on the tour on roads and trails. The guests rode it on the paved road at first, and they got used to riding and controlling the bike.

Then, we went to the trail in the mountain, and one of the guests said “it’s cooler, and it feels much better riding in the forest.”

One of the good things about riding in the mountains is that you can feel nature, changes in temperature with your skin, and feel fresh winds.  You can’t really feel these by riding in cities, so our guests really enjoyed riding on the trails in nature.


Some sections of the trail were muddy, so we got off the bike and walk our bikes to pass the difficult sections.

They also enjoyed little downhill on the trail, and they also enjoyed the flowers on their right. These flowers are soba flowers, and soba seeds are used to make soba noodles.

They were excited to see the three peaks of Hakuba at the end of the tour.

On our MTB Fun Ride Tour, you not only ride a bike but also get to see nature in Hakuba. In the tour, you’ll stop by the river and some places that are really interesting, so you can enjoy both riding and appreciating the natural beauty.

The mother of the family said that “It was my first time to ride a MTB, but I really liked feeling of riding a MTB and seeing nature in Hakuba.” Also, she was worried about her younger son because he didn’t ride a bike much. However, he got better at riding a MTB during the tour, and he made it to the top of the steep hill which his parents couldn’t make it to the top of.


All the family members had so much fun from this tour, and they had a big smile at the end of the tour.

Evergreen offers MTB Fun Ride Tour until the beginning of November, and 6 years and older kids can participate in the tour if they are able to ride a bike.


The leaves of the trees in Hakuba are going to turn red or orange soon, so this autumn you will be able to enjoy all the changing of the colours of the trees as well. It is really a great time to try any of our mountain bike tours Hakuba.


If you are interested in the tour, please check the link below.