Hibiki’s Internship Blog – Day 21

Summer Camp Mountain Master Day 1

Hi, my name is Hibiki and I’m doing an internship at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba. This past week, I helped with the first day of Mountain Masters Summer Camp.

Mountain Masters is a great way for children to learn about mountains and forest ecosystems while having a great time mountain biking, hiking the local hills, rock climbing and tree climbing as well playing in crystal clear streams and camping under the stars in tents.

In the first day of the camp, the campers arrived at Hakuba at noon, so we had lunch at Roots Café, Evergreen’s vegetarian café. After the lunch, we did tree climbing in the afternoon.

Tree climbing as a sport originated in the US, and tree climbing uses a rope, a harness, carabiner, a foot loop, with a “break’s hitch” on the rope to ascend.  We hung ropes on branches, and climbers of tree climbing were attached to the rope with a harness and a carabiner

We walked to the place where we did tree climbing.








Before we started tree climbing, one of the staff explained to the campers what tree climbing is and how to climb a tree with a rope and harnesses.








It sounds like tree climbing is difficult, but our staff teach kids how to climb with clear instructions from the start, so kids can enjoy tree climbing safely.










The campers tried to climb up to the top of the rope, and most of them made it up to the top! The campers enjoyed the activity and felt at one with nature on the top of the tree they also could touch and feel the leaves and bark of the trees.

I thought they got tired and did not want to climb again after they had gone up the tree once. However, they said “I want to try it again,” and they climbed a different tree and saw the different scenery from it. I felt from their attitude that they has do much curiosity and full of enthusiasm.

It really seems that just being outside in nature can change kids’ behavior and spirit to be more outgoing. Evergreen Summer Camps can provide opportunities for kids to gain teamwork, communication skills, curiosity and the sprit to challenge themselves that they maybe can’t get from school.

Do you want to see your kids’ growth from being at summer camp?

Evergreen offers Summer Camps until July 30th, and  Fun Camp is still available!

July 29th – 30th Fun Camp

If you are interested in any of these, please check the link below!