Hibiki’s Internship Blog – Day 19

Summer Camp : Water Wizards

Hi, my name is Hibiki and I’m doing an internship at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba.

This week I helped to run the first of our Summer Camps called the “Water Wizards”.  The Water Wizards is a 5 day camp to discover and learn about the cycle of water. Campers will learn about the natural cycle of water though taking part in thought provoking and physically challenging activities on crystal clear lakes and rivers with in Hakuba Valley and a day long field trip along the length of the Himekawa River where it meets the Sea of Japan.

In the morning, we hiked from Lake Aokiko to the Himekawa Genryu, a natural spring in the south of Hakuba, and the campers checked the spring and the rare alga called “baikamo”.

Baikamo can only live in cold and clean water, and you cannot find it in the cities in japan.

It was raining, but the campers enjoyed hiking in nature.








In the afternoon, it was raining really hard, so we did some team building games.

The game campers got really exited for was “Rising Sea.”  The rule of “Rising Sea” is that all players must stay on the island for 10 seconds, and if they put their foot out of the island, they will be eaten by sharks. The island gets smaller as the game goes on to the next stage. The campers tried to find out how small the island can be.















During this activity, the campers talked with each other to work out how to succeed , and the teamwork got stronger as the game went on to the next stage.

In this activity, we saw that the campers teamed up as a group to solve the problems and concentrated on solving the problems.

Evergreen runs Summer Camps until July 30th.

This is the schedule of Summer Camps


July 22nd – 26th  Mountain Masters

July 29th – 30th  Fun Camp

These camps still have availability, so if you are interested in any of these, please check the link below.



We are waiting your kids to come to Evergreen, and I know they will have an amazing time!