Hibiki’s Internship Blog – Day 15

Canyoning Training Day One

Hi, my name is Hibiki and I’m doing an internship at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba. On June 26th, we had canyoning guide training.

It was the first day of the training, and in the morning, we learned guide principles, the whole process of the tour, and what gear we use on the tour.








From the morning lecture, I realized again that the job as a guide is difficult. Guides go to the same canyon again and again to lead guests, so they may get bored of the canyon. However, every guest comes to Evergreen with a lot of expectation, and most guests are first-time guests. If guides are doing the same thing again and again, they may not be able to enjoy guiding clients, and the clients will not enjoy the tour and will not be satisfied with it. Therefore, as a guide, I will need to have fresh mind in every tour I will go, and find something new and points of improvement so that I can enjoy guiding guests every time. Therefore, to give them a great experience and create a tour that they will want to come back again for. I’m going to try hard to improve my guiding skills in this season.

In the afternoon, we practiced some rope work. I’m going to explain three knots from what I learned in the rope work lecture.


1. Munter Hitch

This knot creates friction between the rope and the carabiner. This is used to belay a climber and rappel from a cliff.









2. Double Fisherman’s Knot

This knot is used to connect two ropes.









3. Figure Eight Follow Through Know

This is used to tie a rope on a harness when you do rock climbing, but we learned this to connect two ropes.









Mitsu, the canyoning trainer and a canyoning senior guide, taught us 15 different knots, we practiced tying them. I cannot tie them smoothly yet, so I will practice tying them again and again.

Evergreen offers Half-Day Canyoning Tours and Full Day Canyoning Tours. If you are interested in the canyoning tours, please check the link below.


In the canyoning tour, you will see the beautiful canyon and clear water, and we can guarantee you will have loads of fun!

We are waiting for you to come to Evergreen in this summer! See you in Hakuba!