Hakuba Weather October 27th

All of you who have nothing better to do than wonder when its gonna snow again…wonder no more. Monday morning has more to offer your lives than depression about going back to work…it snowed again here in Hakuba! Book that ski holiday, forget about global warming for another 6 (or is that 4 or 5?) months, give your boss that much deserved 1 month resignation letter, buy the latest DVDs and start drooling my friends…NOT MUCH LONGER!

Exactly one month after the last fall on 27th September we had snow to lower elevations (nearly down to the top of Happo). This has given the mountains a nice white dusting, refreshing to see after all the snow from September disappeared pretty quickly.

Leaves are still orange though falling quickly…minds are looking towards Winter and the 2nd snowfall has got us amping on another huge season 2008-2009!

We’ll keep you updated as Winter approaches…when it snows next that is! Check out some photos here in our Summer Blog