Hakuba Weather May 30th

The weather over May has been great in Hakuba with temperatures fluctuating between 16-28 degrees and conditions ripe for pretty much anything. Ski-fields were open until May 6th and some die-hards have still been hiking up to get a piece of the remaining spring snow. Water has been warming up in Hakuba’s lakes and rivers and rafting on the Himekawa has been happening most days as have canyoning tours in the Kamoshika canyon and canoe & kayak tours on Aokiko lake.

Mountain bike trails have been cleared by keen staff and bikers have been seen hitting these most days…for those of you unfamiliar with Hakuba’s trails a MTB tour with us will steer you in the right direction.

Rainy season is not yet upon us though it has been slowly creeping up the country and will be coming this way in the next couple of weeks. So now is a perfect time to escape the humidity that has beset the cities and get away for a refresher in Hakuba!


16 degrees C.