Hakuba Snow Report Jan 13th

Updated at 11:36…

I don’t know if Goryu’s ruler is broken or if they’re just modest but the only word to describe today is epic. Hip deep powder to be found everywhere today and its still snowing…not enough to cover tracks as you ride back up but if this keeps up overnight all the smashed lines from today will be sweet again tomorrow.

Base depth at the bottom has jumped from 65 yesterday to 90 cms today and little kids can be seen wading around on their skis with snow up to their ears…all powder coated smiles today!

While there’s been some good powder to be found we finally got the dump everyone was waiting for starting last night! 30-40cms of light fluffy powder you can sweep away with a broom means some delicious face shots for everyone who gets up there. The gondola line will resemble the outside of a shopping mall before a large sale with people jostling for position to be the first but there’s enough powder fresh for everyone this morning!

Goryu reported 35cms of fresh this morning but I’m betting we’ll be able to find deeper pockets than that out there!

-9 at 1800m this morning and -6 in the valley now. If you’re here in Hakuba now doubt you’re out there already; if you’re not…we’ll try not to eat it all before the weekend (yeah right).




195 cm at 1800m
90 cm at the base