Hakuba Snow Report February 6th

Just when I thought my addiction to the white powder was finally shaken after losing the clammy hands and cold sweats…just when the vomiting and violent mood swings had come to an end…the clouds came in and brought snow overnight. Not the lightest fluffiest kind, a little wet and heavy and exactly what we needed. The Goryu gondola line was back to how it should be with people jostling for position and charging to be the first to gobble some of the good stuff and it didn’t take long for the snow on the runs to get smashed.

Goryu were calling 15-20 cms of fresh but there were deep spots of maybe 40-50cm to be found. Some strong winds (17m/s) from the North-West that aren’t affecting us over at Goryu at all but may swing some more snow South-side. Atmosphere temperatures at Happo-Ike are -10.2 degrees but were measured at 6:00 AM in Goryu to be -4 so we can assume the wind-chill factor is in effect up there.

Snow in the valley has petered out now but seems to still be falling a bit on top. All we need now is more of the same! Tomorrow is forecast to be bluebird and Sunday…rain is forecast but that was the call for last night in the beginning so lets hope for an upgrade soon.