Hakuba Snow Report – 9th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, sleet > snow higher up
New snowfall: 0 cm
Snow depth: 90cm (Village); 250cm (Top of Goryu)
It started off being just a cloudy morning with the top half of resorts covered in cloud, but since then in the last hour or so we have been getting stuff falling from the sky – borderline rain/sleet and it is now snowing up higher on the mountains. Along with clouds moving in visibility up on higher slopes has become worse as the morning moves on.

It’s about +3 degrees at the moment at village level so we really could just do with that dropping a little. Some forecasts have us down for some potentially decent snowfall on the upper slopes tonight – enough to give us a nice new layer on top of what is out there at the moment. While it would make for a great start to the weekend, we’ll just have to sit tight for the moment and see what mother nature deems worthy for us!

Snow conditions have been fairly icy up on the hills earlier this morning, getting softer and heavier this afternoon.

It’s still looking like it will get a fair bit colder as we move into next week, and snowfall is also forecast for later on Sunday and Monday so it might be a good start to the week coming up.

Weather forecast for the weekend currently looks like tomorrow will be generally cloudy (snow still early on?) followed by clearer skies on Sunday before that snow I mentioned hopefully starts falling once again.