Hakuba Snow Report – 8th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, hazy, sun shining through at times
New snowfall: 0 cm
Snow depth: 90cm (Village); 250cm (Top of Goryu)
It’s kind of a cloudy overcast hazy kind of morning here so far. The sun has been shining down through the haziness at times and in some places. I can see that it looks sunny up at the park at 47 at the moment.

After the temperature dipping to just under freezing overnight at village level, it has quickly been warming up and early afternoon we will likely see a high of around +8 degrees. No new snow to report from around the resorts in Hakuba and Otari this morning.

Tomorrow we will likely see something similar – perhaps not as mild and a chance of a few flakes falling high up on the mountains, but nothing significant. Over the next three or four days it looks like we can expect to see temperatures falling with the chance of light snow showers and then early next week getting back to something we can call ‘cold’, down into minus territory once again, and perhaps we will see decent snowfall later in Sunday into Monday.

There’s not much of a wind at all and visibility out on the slopes is generally good.