Hakuba Snow Report – 8th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Clear this morning. Partially clowd this afternoon.
New snowfall: 0cm (village)
Snow depth: 95cm (Village); 215cm (Top of Goryu)
Good morning from Hakuba. It was the beautiful sunrise this morning and already a good sign for the beautiful day. Seems like the morning will stay sunny with calm winds and getting cloudy as the morning progresses.

There has been no new snow overnight in the valley and on the hills. Lowest temperature of today was -8 this morning, and the highest will be around -4, so a cold day. Starting from tonight, the temperature should start dropping down to -10 with some snow cloud due in the region for tomorrow.

The wind direction is still west to north west this morning and very calm at about 1 to 2m/s. Even with this calm west wind, there are some slabs formed around the BC area in the valley, so be careful if you are going up to north side or south side of mountains.

Because of the three day weekend, the ski areas around the village are generally looking pretty busy, and so are the roads.

The weather forecast for next few days is looking alright. There should be some light snow fall over the next few days with Wednesday looking good for some decent snowfall. Don’t forget to do that snow dance before you go sleep to keep the snow coming!