Hakuba Snow Report – 7th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Mostly cloud over the mountain, but fair bit of blue sky
New snowfall: 2cm (village)
Snow depth: 95cm (Village ); 215cm (Top of Goryu)
Good Morning everyone from Hakuba. It seems like a ton of you guys and gals have been having a great week so far thanks to the recent snowfalls we have been getting these past days. The slopes are looking quite busy this weekend as well.We had a bit snowfall in the valley last night and resorts are reporting about 15cm new snow on top of the hills. Temperatures stayed cold overnight and are hanging around -3 degrees this morning in the village. It’s all looking beautiful this morning though as dramatic looking clouds cover parts of the mountains but there is a fair amount of blue sky as well this morning and the sun casting shadows on all but the upper slopes from time to time. A chance of moderate winds higher up on the slopes as well, but not enough to affect lift operations it seems.

Because of the strong West wind, there are some wind slabs formed on higher elevation over to the north to south side of Happo BC area. You will be able to find some stashes on the side of the runs from past two days of snowstorms.

Taking a look at the local forecast, we can perhaps expect tomorrow to be cloudy but no new snowfall, other than perhaps sprinklings overnight, is expected. I suspect it might be one of those days that ends up with clearer blue skies, but don’t quote me on that!

Monday is a national holiday in Japan and so today is the first day of a three-day weekend.