Hakuba Snow Report – 4th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Snow!
New snowfall: 20+ cm (village)
Snow depth: 80cm (Village ); 195 cm (Top of Goryu)
Apologies for the late report today.Good news though… snow! And heavy snow too at times.

It started snowing early morning and as the resorts were opening there was up to 5cm or so of fresh snow on the lower areas. It has been snowing all day – sometimes heavier than others – and coming down really nicely right now. Poor visibility on most of the slopes today but that is perhaps a small price to pay for the new snow we are getting now. It might continue into tomorrow and while winds aren’t too bad here today, stronger wind is forecast for tomorrow. Still looks like things should clear up for the weekend with clear and sunny conditons lined up. Should be keeping cold though meaning that the snow conditions should be protected.

Let it snow. Hopefully some nice numbers to report tomorrow morning. Expect to see some typically impressive numbers from Cortina!

A few people have asked about why the top Grat lift at Happo hasn’t been open yet. The reason is bascially there’s not enough snow. There’s enough to ski or snowboard, but the problem is that that area is part of protected National Park and Happo can only run that top lift when there is over 150cm of snow up there. Unfortunately the official snow depth up top is still hanging on at 120cm, and so 30cm or so more is needed to get that moving.