Hakuba Snow Report – 3rd Mar 2012

Saturday 3rd March 2012, 10:07AM
Weather conditions: Cloud, clearings over village at times
New snowfall: 0 cm
Snow depth: 110cm (Village); 280cm (Top of Goryu)
A cloudy start to the day here in Hakuba with very slight snow falling down lazily earlier on. A few resorts are reporting a bit of fresh snowfall – Cortina up to 5cm, 47 reporting 2cm up top – but generally no new snow to report this morning. The sun is even peeking through at times casting shadows in the village clouds are mostly covering up the upper parts of the mountains.

The mildish conditions continue and right now it is hanging around 0 degrees in the village. Up top at 47 a little earlier it was -4 degrees – at least it is on the right side of zero on the slopes. This evening should be a cold one though with temperatures dipping to around -7 degrees, to be followed by a day of sunshine and clearer skies tomorrow and a high of around +4 degrees in the village.

Monday and Tuesday are looking like days to forget and avoid if possible. Rain seems almost certain, heavy rain in fact, and possibly even right up on the mountains as well…. there’s not going to be much escape from it by the looks of things. We need to look later on in the week for the chance of temperatures to drop and bring us more snow.

Anyway, for the moment early spring-like conditions out there, come with that in mind and have some fine fun. I’m certainly going to!