Hakuba Snow Report – 2nd Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: 25-30 cm (village)
Snow depth: 140cm (Village); 300cm (Top of Goryu)
Well, it has been snowing for all of February so far! Hasn’t really eased off at all since the report yesterday and this morning good old Hakuba Cortina contined clocking in the most snowfall with 45cm on the upper slopes and 30cm on lower slopes. Resorts around Hakuba village were, for example, this morning reporting 20-40cm (Goryu) and 25cm (Hakuba 47) of fresh snowfall. As you can see from the numbers below, those snow depths stats have really taken a jump up in the last couple of weeks as we got the heavy snow we were all hoping for.It’s still snowing now, and cold too as the temperatures remains firmly in the negative and only about -6 degrees in the village this early afternoon. Visibility is pretty poor down in the valley, never mind up on the mountains though looking at the webcams from some of the resorts it doesn’t look too bad out there – at least you can see where you are going. But snow and cloud it is with a slight to moderate wind at times in places.When will this snowfall end? For the time being, soon according to local forecasts that tell us that we might even see the sun tomorrow with generally clearer weather conditions over the weekend and things getting milder Saturday to Monday.

Goes without saying with all this new snow some awesome conditions at the moment. Plenty to go around, especially on a weekend – no need to go hunting far to find them. Enjoy and take care.