Hakuba Snow Report – 25th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, cloud
New snowfall: 15cm (village); 30+ cm up top
Snow depth: 270cm (Top of Goryu)
It is a very very good morning from Hakuba. Moving snow off the car is a fine way to have to begin a late March morning and that’s just what I had to do this morning. It feels like mid-winter again.

The rain finally changed into snow yesterday afternoon, and it kept snowing all night long with -4C of temperature last night. It has still been snowing in the valley with -3 to -1c earlier this morning. Down in the village we got at least 10cm of fresh snow and 20 to 30cm of new snowfall has been reported on the hills in Hakuba with Cortina reporting more than that today. The wind is pretty calm on the base but about 5m/hr, W to NW on the top.

Forecast is scoping for more snow lasting perhaps until monday night. Freezing level will be around 300m to 500,, and it will goes up to 750, on Tuesday. We’re hoping that this is not the last fresh snow days, but it does looks like we are going to be getting some spring weather next week. But more snow next weekend? Very possibly.

There will be some spots with crust with the new snow on top. The avalanche danger has come down to ‘Considerable’ but be careful when you are in BC area. Small slab avalanches could easily take your control away.

A bit of a surprise to get so much new snowfall out there but fantastic news all the same, of course. Enjoy.