Hakuba Snow Report – 22nd Mar 2012

New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 90cm (Village); 235cm (Top of Goryu)
[This report was posted earlier this morning and not appearing until late due to a technical issue – apologies for the delay]

It is a rather dull and cloudy start to the day today in Hakuba with very temperatures this morning. It has really jumped up after a fairly cold night overnight, but today temperatures look likely to rise to around 9 degrees in Hakuba.

It is also very windy in the town and on the mountain early on, and some of the lifts at resorts around the village are going to be affected by this. Right now it looks like Happo, the top lifts at Goryu and lifts at 47 are on standby waiting for the winds to calm down a bit.

We might not be able to avoid rain tomorrow at village level unfortunately, but it may well be falling as snow higher up on the hills. Actually, from tomorrow through the weekend we might be in for a decent amount of snowfall on the slopes if we are lucky so I hope to be able to bring news of that as it happens. Temperatures are set to drop considerably once again around Sunday.

Yesterday out on the slopes there was some nice the snow dry and powder snow covering some icy-ness under, though snow conditions on lower slopes was more icy and hard. Good practice for the old legs!