Hakuba Snow Report – 22nd Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, obscured skies, clearings are expected
New snowfall: few cm (village)
Snow depth: 100cm (Village); 235cm (Top of Goryu)
[Please note: The following report was posted at 8:47AM on Sunday 22nd January. The time stamp above shows an incorrect time due to the complexities of a server move]

Good morning!

Overcast skies greeted us this morning, however we are expecting some clearings throughout the day. The mild conditions continue to linger creating some spring like conditions on the lower parts of the resorts. There was no new snow reported in the valley, however, up on the slopes there has been a dusting of 2cm above the snow line.
There will be a considerable weather trend change in the very near future that us snow enthusiasts will be glad to hear.

Good news from Happo with the top Grad quad lift finally starting it’s season, a little later than we hoped. Curiously, the official snow depth up there stays at 140cm. But anyway, a good thing!

Overnight in the valley we saw temperatures only fall to -1 C with a maximum temperature yesterday of +1 C. Today will continue to be mild with a high of +4 C in the valley and upwards of +2C up on the resorts. The low temperature expected on the hills today is -3 C as temperatures will start to fall later in the afternoon. Freezing levels are rising, reaching a high of 1300m. Light winds of 1-2m/s will flow from the W and SSW.

Tomorrow, the week ahead will see freezing levels drop and precipitation is forecasted. By mid week, we will be back in the swing of things with a good sized weather system moving in, dropping snow for a number of days. Still looking really promising for mid-week onwards.