Hakuba Snow Report – 21st Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloud, breaks in cloud and sun
New snowfall: few cm
Snow depth: 100cm (Village); 260cm (Top of Goryu)
Resorts around the village and Otari this morning are reporting new snowfall – 10cm on the upper slopes at Goryu, 5-10cm at 47, 10-15cm at Cortina… a nice topup to see conditions remain decent out there today. Snow was falling until around 7:30am this morning and there was some snow down on the ground as well – that has been drying up as the clouds make clearings and some blue sky is appearing. Looks like it will end up being a fine and perhaps generally sunny day.Last night temperatures dipped to around -4 degrees in the village and right now are around -2 degrees with a high of perhaps +1 later on, so conditions should keep good for the day.

It doesn’t look like the same can be said about tomorrow as we are going to see it get much warmer – up to around +7 degrees in the daytime. We are likely to see rain in the village on Friday as well but there’s more positive news with snow likely from Friday to Monday on the mountains and potentially a decent amount of snow coming down from the skies as well. Hopefully by Saturday we will also be seeing snowfall lower down in the village as well. You know the drill – fingers crossed etc.