Hakuba Snow Report – 20th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Cloudy, obscured skies, snowing lightly
New snowfall: 4 cm (village)
Snow depth: 100cm (Village); 235cm (Top of Goryu)
Yesterday we experienced nice sunny skies during the daytime clouds rolling in later on in the day bringing in the precipitation. This morning we were greeted with a thin new coating of snow in Hakuba but bringing in enough to rejuvenate the snow on the trees and make everything look nice and wintery once again. For the remainder of the day we should be seeing continued cloud cover with a few clearings. Snow showers will be sporadic throughout the day bringing in trace amounts of snow.This morning, temperatures in the valley were still a relatively mild -1 C with the overnight low of -7 C and is expected to reach up to + 4 C as the day progresses. So another warm day is being forecast.

Up on the hills it will range from -1 C to +2 C with light breezy winds upto 3 m/s from the SSE. The freezing level is in the valley this morning but will rise to 1050m by the afternoon.

So overnight we have accumulated 4cm new snow in the valley and it continues to snow. Tomorrow calls for more snow in the evening but the warming trend will stick around until the end of the weekend. Monday we will see colder temperatures all around and throughout the week we will get another weather system coming in which will hopefully bring some decent snowfall.