Hakuba Snow Report – 19th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloud, clearing up
New snowfall: 5 cm
Snow depth: 100cm (Village); 265cm (Top of Goryu)
A very good morning to all shredders and skiers in Hakuba and everyone interested!

We have some good news in the valley and mountains to report this morning. Those rain clouds from last night turned into snow around midnight, and kept snowing with NE wind till this morning. It was still snowing mid-morning, but the forecast is saying that we are going to get some sun this afternoon and it is indeed looking like it is clearing up. I can see some blue sky up there now. Temperatures are helping us today by keeping colder than they have been.

Good reports from the slopes. Goryu and Happo One got up to 20cm of new snowfall, Corntina has 20cm of new as well, but the wind was a bit strong this morning around Otari Valley, so there might be some wind deposits here and there and it should seem deeper in places.

This strong wind, however, can cause windslab, plus there is the distinct possibilities of wet avalanches. The warm weather and rain that has fallen over the past few days has been creating a weak layer of sugary snow crystal. Travel in the backcountry area is not recommended today.

The weather forecast saying that we are going to have cold temperatures overnight tonight into tomorrow but a generally fine day tomorrow. Fingers crossed temperatures remain cold and actually the forecast says that conditions should remain calm with 0 to 600m of freezing level until around Thursday. We might see more rain clouds around Thursday night with high freezing level. For now though let’s ignore that and enjoy the new snow conditions!