Hakuba Snow Report – 19th Dec 2011

Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 10 cm
Snow depth: 25 cm (village); 85 cm (Top of Goryu)
Good afternoon from Hakuba. More snow to report today from Hakuba – not a huge amount again, but it has been coming down and probably 10-15cm since yesterday.Things have been getting a bit brighter and clearer down in village level this late afternoon, with clouds still cover the upper area of the mountains… but not for long though as it will of course soon be getting dark for the evening. Right now it is around 0 degrees in Hakuba and while it is holding off at the moment, we do have some more snow expected overnight. These small portions of extra cm of snow are allowing resorts to slowly open up a bit more. At Goryu you can actually ski down to base now but things are still limited as we wait for that mega-dump that seems to be on it’s way. See below for the latest.

Yes, take a look at the forecast on the resort pages on the site. By the end of this week we are looking at some very heavy snowfall moving in and giving us a very fine and fluffy Christmas present. Hopefully by next weekend the resorts will be in full swing, if strong winds don’t prevent that of course. Keep an eye on that forecast though as it is looking like it should be something special.