Hakuba Snow Report – 18th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Clear skies with some clouds due later
New snowfall: Nil (village)
Snow depth: 100cm (Village); 235cm (Top of Goryu)
And a good morning to you from Hakuba.

Today is brought to you by the word Sun. We will be seeing lots of it throughout the day so be prepared for great visibility and magnificent views of the valley and surrounding mountain peaks. It is expected to remain clear today with a little cloud cover coming in overnight.

The temperature in the valley was -10 C this morning and is expected to get up to a spring like +7 C by afternoon. Up in the resorts the range will be between -3 C and +3 C with a wind chill factor that will make it occasionally feel like -4 C. There will be a light air flow of 2m/s in WSW to SW directions.

Solar radiation will play a factor today and will change the consistency of sun aspects on the slope as will the rising freezing level that is projected to reach 1150m.

Tonight will bring in trace amounts of new snow as the late clouds roll in. Mid-day sun is expected for tomorrow with some cloud cover throughout the day and Friday will once again see blue skies before the next frontal system makes its way in over the weekend.

Please remember that sun rays are double the intensity in snow due to its reflective properties. Apply sunscreen regularly on exposed areas and don’t forget under the nose!