Hakuba Snow Report – 11th Jan 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, cloud
New snowfall: 1cm (village)
Snow depth: 95cm (Village); 210cm (Top of Goryu)
It’s a nice snowy morning in Hakuba, and it is looking like a good part of northern Nagano prefecture is going to be getting a pretty decent amount of snowfall today including this region.It still feels fairly mild especially compared with how things were last week. The temperature was around -1 earlier on this morning in the valley and -5 on the hills and it hasn’t really changed much as the morning progresses with a highest temperature of just around 0 degrees today in the valley. It’s not a dramatical change in temperature, but the slightly higher temperature will help the snow bonding – the snow conditions out there are likely to be a bit heavier than they were last week.

There wasn’t much new snow to talk of overnight down in the village but the resorts are reporting between 5 and 10cm of fresh snowfall on the upper slopes, but hopefully that will add up to more during today with the snow that is currently falling from the skies. There’s just a calm 1 to 2 m/s NW to NNW directional wind.

The weather forecast shows that the temperatures will dip right down later on today and tonight, perhaps even approaching minus double digits in the early morning tomorrow and it is going to be a cold day tomorrow with a high of only around -4 degrees. The cold temperatures should keep this new fresh snow we are getting in decent shape. The snow clouds will likely have moved on by tomorrow morning though and it may even clear up and we might get to see the sun again in Hakuba, but after that more snowfall is due around Friday.