Hakuba Snow Report – 11th Feb 2012

Weather conditions: Snow, overcast, clearing at times
New snowfall: 5cm village
Snow depth: 145cm (Village); 330cm (Top of Goryu)
Good morning from Hakuba! It is snowing lightly early on this morning with a current temperature of -6 C. 5cm of new snow has fallen over the past 24 hours in the valley and we are experiencing cold temperatures with clearing skies today. We will probably get to see some blue skies and maybe also the sun appearing from behind the clouds later on.

More snowfall has fallen on the slopes overnight with for example Goryu reporting 20cm and Hakuba Cortina reporting up to 35cm. More details on that below.

Up on the resorts it is projected to range from -4 C to -11 C near the bottom lifts with a wind chill of -15 C and reach -12 C to -17 C at the top of the mountains with a wind chill of -28 C. So bundle up and keep warm. The freezing level will remain low and winds will be coming in from the WNW and WSW at a rate of 2m/s.

We should see light snowfall through the morning with skies clearing as the day progresses. This should provide great visibility and nice ski conditions out there. Sunday is forecast to start with light cloud cover and sunny patches throughout the day and similarly with the beginning of the new week. However for the first half of next week, it is projected to start warming up with the freezing level creeping up the mountain side.

Hope you have a fun weekend.