Hakuba Snow Report – 10th Dec 2011

Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: 0
Snow depth: 0-1cm (village); 20-30cm (Hakuba 47)

Hakuba is getting some nice sunshine this morning and the temperature looks like it going to rise as the day progresses. Unfortunately, this means the slight covering of snow we got yesterday is probably going to melt at lower elevations and any south facing slopes.

The good news is though that Goryu is re-opened today. Just the Dai Ichi Alps Pair Lift at the top of the resort is open – getting there using the gondola of course – so skiers and riders will be limited to basically one run, but we are not complaining. Skiing is on! They are reporting 40cm of snow up there with 5cm new since yesterday.

There are more snow flurries expected over the next few days, lets hope it stays cool and falls as snow and not dreary rain. Other than that though not a whole lot of precipitation due up until later on in the week.

Lets keep positive and help us try to bring those snow gods into Japan!