Hakuba FAQ

Where in Japan is Hakuba?
Pretty much equi-distant from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (the major International Airports are found in Tokyo – “Narita Airport”, Osaka – “Kansai Airport” and Nagoya – “Centrair”. The fastest access is from Narita – the Shinkansen to Nagano and then the bus to Hakuba; the easiest access is the Chuo Taxi shuttle service – see the following link for details.

hakuba from naritaWhat transportation options are available from Tokyo / Osaka to Hakuba?
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›› Getting to Hakuba from Kansai (Osaka Airport)

How do I find Evergreen Outdoor Center once I am in Hakuba?
During the ‘Green Season’ Evergreen runs out of two locations. Our main office is located at the base of Happo and our water sports and Summer Camps are based out of Aokiko Camp Site. In Winter we operate out of three locations – Happo Base is our main on-mountain snow sports school found at the base of Happo One Resort, nearby is the Wadano Base inside the Wadano-no-mori Visitor Center and is the sign in point for our Backcountry, Snowshoe and X-country tours.
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What is the best place to stay in Hakuba?
There are many great locations to stay in Hakuba, each one with it’s very own charm and positive points. Evergreen’s main office is located at the base of Happo-One Resort on the slopes of Kokusai Course right between Happo village and Wadano-no-mori, or “Wadano”. Some of Hakuba’s better hotels, restaurants and bars are here as well. If you are joining us for an activity, and don’t have a car, it is best to choose this area.

What hotels/lodges/backpackers are available in Hakuba (with English service)?
We have too many friends in the hotel/pension/backpacker business to recommend them all…a simple google search for “Hakuba Hotels” should get you started; or contact Hakuba’s longest running and premier booking agency, Ski Japan Holidays.

Is there public transportation in Hakuba (taxis, bus service)?
Yes, there are free shuttle buses for the resorts during ski season that cover most of the Hakuba area during the day, and at night there is a shuttle bus that services the main restaurants and hotels. There are 4 taxi services, and a city bus service. Hakuba is spread over a large valley (20k or so), and so you are better off finding lodging that provides free shuttle service (most do) and/or staying near where you wish to ski most days.

How can I get a taxi in Hakuba?
Just call (English ability unlikely though):

Alps Taxi 0261-72-2221
Hakuba Kanko Taxi 0261-72-2144
Hakuba Kanko Taxi Happo Office 0261-72-2327
Omachi Meitetsu Taxi 0261-72-2236

Can I use my credit card or debit card in Hakuba?
Evergreen accepts most credit cards, both Japanese and foreign-issued. Around Hakuba you are strongly advised to carry cash and not rely on Hakuba services for credit transactions. Cash advances by credit card can be done at the Post Offices and at 7-11 convenience stores, but some cards don’t work and most places don’t have credit card facilities – Japan is very much a cash-based society. Check with your service providers before you arrive, or get out enough cash. Dealing with money matters in Hakuba can be time consuming and unproductive.

Where can I rent ski gear or purchase outdoor equipment?
There are a number of rental and retail stores spread through Hakuba offering quality rental equipment.

What is there to do at night?
There are a number of interesting bars, good restaurants, and fun parties. Look for flyers, posters, or ask local residents what’s going on.

I don’t speak Japanese, is this a problem for getting around?
Not really, but like anywhere – learn a few phrases, try and speak Japanese and don’t expect everyone to speak English.


We are are in the process of adding more and more information about the Hakuba Valley in general. For now, check out the following links:

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