Hibiki’s Internship Blog – Day 21

・Summer Camp Mountain Master Day 1 Hi, my name is Hibiki and I’m doing an internship at Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba. This past week, I helped with the first day of Mountain Masters Summer Camp. Mountain Masters is a great way for children to learn about mountains and forest ecosystems while having a great time mountain biking, hiking the …

downriver training 2015

Downriver Training 2015

Early June is a great time of year to get out on the Saigawa for Canoe and Kayak Downriver Refresh and Training. The training is not only skills-based, it is always a good team building session for old and new staff.

CASI Snowboard Teaching Course in Japan, here in Hakuba!

  Level 1: Feb 15-17 Level 2: Feb 14-17 Call us at 0261-72-5150 to sign up!!   Evergreens CASI posters will be appearing in hotels, bars and information centers around Hakuba. Be sure to look out for them if you are interested in becoming a Snowboard Instructor! Bookings for the Level 1 or 2 course >> http://www.evergreen-hakuba.com/snowboard-instructor-course.html

Boss gets New Board

  The boss has just picked up a new board courtesy of The Boarding Co and what a beauty it is…finished in Evergreen colours…time to find some serious Hakuba powder!!  

Congratulations!! First CASI Snowboard course in Japan–everyone passed!

CASI Snowboard course was evaluated by Evergreen Staffs, Chris Green ( & rookie evaluator Emilie Fanning).  Everyone had a wonderful time and have successfully passed the Snowboard Level 1 course! Congratulations for making this happen in Japan!         More photos can be found on facebook here.

Life after the Earthquake

Life after the Earthquake June 6th, 2011 Japan has experienced one of the biggest natural disasters witnessed and is far from recovery. Here in Hakuba life continues much as normal and like the rest of Japan we are focussed on continuing to work hard and do our share to keep the economy rolling and contribute what we can to the …