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Canyoning Japan

Welcome to the Kamoshika and Nagiso Canyons

Canyoning in Japan is an exciting and exhilarating activity from May to October. Canyoning is the sport of descending, well, canyons. Slide down waterfalls and splash in to deep pools that have been carved by millennia of fast flowing water.

Canyoning involves swimming, jumping, abseiling, using ropes, and cascading down whitewater chutes. Late spring and early summer have the highest water flow. There is some hiking involved to access the canyons, but about 80% of the time is spent in the water. Come and see why everyone is raving about canyoning in Japan.


The Kamoshika Canyon is one of our most popular summer adventures. Even in the swelter of Japan's mid summer heat, Kamoshika Canyon is an amazingly cool and shaded place to enjoy one of Japan's canyons. Over millions of years swift flowing water running down from the high plateaus of Japan's Northern Alps has carved out slick rock waterfalls and deep pools.

From using ropes to descend 15 metre waterfalls, sliding down multiple smaller waterfalls, swimming in deep fresh pools to jumping from the canyon walls - you are sure to be thrilled and refreshed.

Kamoshika Canyon Half-Day Tour

Kamoshika Canyon Half-Day

Our half-day canyoning tour incorporates multiple sliders, spots for jumping and diving, beautiful pools for swimming, and a small zipline. In May and June the water level is high and children aren't allowed - a good time for those looking for a real white-water experience. From mid-July it is perfect for first-timers or families with children.

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Kamoshika Canyon Full-Day Tour

Kamoshika Canyon Half-Day

Slide down natural features, repel or zip-line a 10m waterfall, zoom down a 70m flying fox, enjoy a picnic lunch in the canyon then continue on the half-day course in the afternoon - our full day canyon tour is perfect for those seeking an extended adventure. June and early July are recommended for people looking for rushing white-water.

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Nagiso is a huge canyon in southern Nagano. This is an amazingly beautiful canyon with many great features - high cliffs jumping into crystal clear pools, fun sliders down smooth rocks, stunning waterfalls and canyon walls carved by years of erosion.

For repeat clients or experienced canyoners only, this is one canyoning tour that is not to be missed!

Nagiso Canyon Full-Day Tour (Special tour)

Nagiso Canyon Full-Day

Canyoning in Japan at its finest. This is not a regularly scheduled tour - we only accept reservations booked and confirmed in advance. This is a full-day tour. Nagiso is a large scale canyon and as such we must limit this tour only to people with prior canyoning experience (with us here in Hakuba or another canyoning company).

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Canyoning tour is great for any adventure seeker...the guides are great, professional and fun, and from booking to tour they all speak fluent English.


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