For Camp Participants

Welcome to Evergreen Camp! Thank you for your interest in our outdoor adventures!
This page provides information for parents and campers who have registered for the upcoming camps.

Please take your time and make sure to complete the following preparations prior to camp.

1. Submit Camp Form
Please submit the Camp Form sent to you in the confirmation email you received after processing payment of the camp fee.
If you choose to take our transportation service, you are asked to pay for the tickets and chaperon fee after submitting the Camp Form.

2. Camp Information
Information of the camps is provided on our website. For information not disclosed, please download the document below. Password for the file will be sent to you in email after you submit the Camp Form.

*Winter Camp document (updated as of November 4, 2022)
- Information of Session 3 and 4 has been added
- Emergency contact has been changed

*Winter Camp document (updated as of October 14, 2022)
- Information of Session 2 has been added