For Camp Participants

Welcome to Evergreen Camp! Thank you for your interest in our outdoor adventures!
This page provides information for parents and campers who have registered for the upcoming camps.

Please take your time and complete the following preparations prior to camp.

1. Submit Child Registration Form
Please submit the Child Registration Form sent to you in the confirmation email you received after processing payment of the camp fee.
If you request transportation, rental, lift pass, etc. please process the payment after clicking the "submit" button.

2. Welcome Pack
Please download the Welcome Pack below prior to camp for your preparation.

Welcome Pack Summer Camp Residential - Sessions 1 and 2
Welcome Pack Summer Camp Residential - Sessions 3 to 6

*Uploaded on 23rd June 2024.

Welcome Pack Summer Camp 2024 Day camp

*Uploaded on 9th of March 2024.

3. Getting Ready for Summer Camps

  • Campers are expected to get dressed and get ready themselves. Our staff will assist them as needed, however, if necessary, please teach campers, especially younger children, to get dressed and get ready by themselves before they join the camp.
  • For campers who have never experienced staying overnight without parents before, we strongly recommend campers to stay overnight without parents for at least 2 nights, prior to arriving to summer camp .

If you require further assistance please contact our office on 0261-72-5150 or via

Office hours: 08:00-17:00
Enquiries in English: 09:30-16:30 (daily)
Enquiries in Japanese : 09:30-12:00 (weekdays only, excluding public holidays)

*If you require assistance in Japanese outside of these hours, please make an appointment in advance.
*For urgent matters, you can reach us from 08:00-17:00, however please note that service in your preferred language may not be available due to limited staffing.
*Office hours are subject to change without notice.