Beautiful May in Hakuba

5/3 Golden Week Tours


Still there is plenty of snow in the mountains, but spring is almost coming to an end.まだまだ山には雪がありますが、里には春が訪れています。

We got to enjoy Aokiko Lake with a family today.

5/4 Tabi-girls

Tabi means Trip or Journey in Japanese. These 2 girls who toured with us are traveling all around Japan with their matching shirt.  Machan and Maachan.

5/6  Good Work Guys!

We finished our Golden Week rush and we finished off with a chill time with BBQ.


5/12  Making of Pizza Dome

Mr. Ueda made the pizza oven.  It is right in front of the Evergreen Office.  The pizza baked in this oven was crispy. Ahem. Super crispy.  Bill from Alaska and Mr. Ueda may not understand each other with words, but they can understand with laughs and communication of warm hearts.


5/18    Middle School from Chiba goes Canyoning

This was their 2nd year coming here!  Thank you for coming again!
There was plenty of water, great water, and amazing condition for sliding.  There was a lot of snow on land.