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Introducing Evergreen Backcountry Guides

As you most probably know, for a long time now Evergreen has been a leading provider of Backcountry & Off Piste Tours, Snowshoe & Cross Country Tours, and Avalanche Courses in and around Hakuba – as well as running and award-winning ski school and operating a wealth of other tours and training year round. We’ve been running all our Summer and …

The Deepest Trip Of Your Life

Our Teton Gravity Research friend came to Hakuba and wrote this lovely article!! Check it out!

Backcountry Continues in Sunny Weather

We found some really nice snow in the Hakuba backcountry today. Despite warm temperatures, on the shady sides we found fine faceted sugar powder with a little graupel mixed in and a topping of surface hoar. It was fast, with a thaw crust some 15 cm below, but stable and fun! On sunny aspects, we found smooth-turning spring slush that …

Guide Kaeriyama 帰山さん

  Evergreen Guide Kaeriyama-san Mitsu finds good snow in the Hakuba backcountry today. This week’s thaw crust is continuing to facet and weaken; we were very careful to ride only smaller, low-consequence terrain today and to avoid wind-loaded areas. With care, there is excellent snow to be found. Comment & Photo by Bill Glude.

Snowshoe Tour crew in front of our local shrine

Snowshoe Tours are a great way to explore the environment around Hakuba, absorbing Japanese culture along the way. For more information and booking see our Snowshoe webpage here!! For reservation 0261-85-4420