Avalanche Report – Mar 11th 2012

Multiple small slabs were triggered by riders and released naturally in the back country and off piste at the resorts yesterday. 2 minor incidents and one more serious involvements were reported and This was to be expected with the new snow over riding the melt layer. The bond between the melt crust and the new snow was improving through the day yesterday. The bond at lower elevation has improved today with last nights cold temperatures freezing the past wet melt grains to the immediate over riding storm snow. These bonds may loosen today with intense solar radiation and warming. The snow on the shaded slopes that has remained cold yesterday and will remain cold today may still see natural releases of slab and loose avalanches. Last nights surface hoar will also no doubt be present on Northerly aspects as new snow starts to fall this afternoon. This will create another low density weak layer between yesterdays storm snow and today’s forecast new snow.

Watch out on wind loaded North and East aspects where wind deposited snow may still not have bonded well to the melt layer. This aspect may have seen near surface faceting due to last nights clear skies and radiated heat loss from the upper snow pack.


EXTRA CAUTION on Steep Solar radiated slopes and also take care on Wind loaded and shady slopes.

Please be careful out there as this are still in a precarious balance.

Please also remember the 3 backcountry riders who lost there lives last year on this day. March 11th. The day of the great Earth Quake of Eastern Japan. Remember and respect a moment of silence at 2:46 pm.
Peace Through Powder