Adding A Featured Image To A Blog Post

It’s a good idea to add a featured image. It makes the post look a lot better when you’re looking at a scroll of them like if you click on “Blog” on the top menu bar. It’s a simple process – the video below shows how to do it. Cheers – Jade

How To Add A Blog Post To The EOC Site

Adding posts is super easy. All you need to do is: Get your images ready (see this post). Think about what you’re going to write. Do it. The video below is short and to the point, it’s easier than reading along. Cheers – Jade

All You Need To Know To Add & Edit Content On The EOC Sites!

Thanks for getting involved! The following posts should cover everything you need. If you need any more help, shoot me a mail to my personal email. I can add more tutorials here as we need them. For general login details please talk to the office. If you will be adding a lot of content ie blogging regularly, let me know via …

Resizing & Optimizing Images in Photoshop using Save for Web

Thanks for doing this properly! Remember – you want your images to be <=100kb. If it’s for the blog, resizing it to around 1000-1200 pixels wide will be fine. If you don’t have Photoshop on this computer, it will be on one of the work ones for sure. Taking the time to resize the image makes your post load so …

How To Edit Pages Built with Cornerstone

All the Pages (not posts, which are what we use for the blog and have the sidebar down the right side) on the EOC site are built using Cornerstone, a visual editing tool. The following is a quick guide to how to edit these pages. Note: If you need to edit the Evergreen Employment page, please contact me, it’s the …